What is GaiaSea all about anyway?

Gaia” is from Greek mythology (mother earth) but the name also references the earth science concept pioneered by Lovelock (add link) that the planet can be understood as a cohesive self-regulating organism, composed of living and non-living parts. As our global society has developed technologically many feel we have lost a sense of connection to the “natural” environment. Paradoxically Western ideologies have promoted the idea that humans are separate from nature but at the same time we now see that we have grown to such an extent that we influence and alter earth systems such as our climate (by burning fossil fuels for example). Scientists tell us we’ve moved into a new geologic era, the Anthropocene (add link) and that we may have triggered a Mass Extinction event.

The “Sea” part of GaiaSea reminds us that the Earth’s surface is 70% water. Any effort to better understand Earth would by necessity include a better understanding of this part of our world. As sea level rises and as oceans become more acidic we must ask tough questions about how best to respond.

This website and blog intends to assist readers to consider our relationship with the earth and the sea. As we wander about in our little sailboat we hope to develop our understanding of how we fit in. We hope to entertain and educate.

We invite you aboard as we sail off into the New World!